Michal Ansky

Michal Ansky is undoubtedly a world leading culinary figure. Since her debut role on television in 2010, Ansky has turned into a household name, having hosted four cooking shows and, in the past ten years, starring as the only female judge on the judges’ panel in the massive hit “Master Chef”. Ansky’s passion and joie de vivre contributed not only to the show’s exceptional success, but also led to her being invited to join Master Chef USA as a guest judge with Chef Gordon Ramsay. In addition, Michal has been selected, along with Mr. Shimon Peres, to receive the prestigious Order of Merit from the Italian government, in recognition of her achievements.

Ansky is also an entrepreneur, having founded Israel’s first farmer’s market, an enterprise to which she harnessed her gastronomic education, her culinary experience, and her firm belief in making freshly grown and organic produce accessible to all. Since then, she has opened six other markets in major Israeli cities, with two permanent indoor markets: one at the Tel Aviv Port and the second at the north market, both catering to some 100,000 on weekly basis. It is no wonder Ansky has been crowned “one of the most promising entrepreneurs in the Israeli culinary scene” by Forbes Israel and “the most influential person in food today” by Globes. She is advising start-ups and collaborating on food apps with many entrepreneurs who seek her advice.

Michal resolves to bringing her passion for culinary and history in search of finding solutions for humanity biggest problem – how and what will we eat in the future while maintaining the roots, techniques of the past and memories, without losing our identity. It is with this passion and dedication that she approaches her mission to establish the first worldwide future of food convention alongside with her partner Sharon Gever and create a global platform of ideas, technologies and research that will create the way our plate will look like in 2050.